Monday, 4 July 2011

Giveaway: Strawberry Giveaway by DAS

assalamualaikum. hari ni cik km nak cerita pasal Giveaway: Strawberry Giveaway by DAS. korang berminat? nak join? jom tengok syarat3 di bawah.

How to enter?
Follow this easy steps:
  1. Write about this Giveaway in your blog/note in your FB. Put our link & sponsors in your entry (1 - 8)
  1. For extra chances, these are the following you can do:-
for the calculation:
entry in your blog (1) OR facebook (1), twitter (1), like DAS page (1), link us in your blog (1) = 4
If you choose to write in your blog, enter your name, email and your entry's link at this comment box. State also if you have done for no.(2). be specific.
If you choose to write in your note (FB), you must like Dewi’s Artwork Station page, then tag 1 of your friend, and me (Dewi’s Artwork Station) and leave comment on Dewi's Artwork Station wall. Make sure your friend who has been tagged, know about this
the prizes are as follows:-

clip & brooch by amiraamira punye-tile hp pouch by lvbeiibeii hp case
meow by casscass punye sto-berry layered cake by DASSDC13519
bookmark stick by bizdecottagebiz bookmark purse by kami craftkami craft purse
ted da bear by shizyntozshizyntoz teddy pencil case by salmiah saarisalmiah pencil case
*This giveaway will start on 1st July 2011 and ends on 10th July 2011
*There are 8 winners for more than 8 prizes to be won!
*Winners will be chosen by
*Open to everyone who lives in Malaysia only
*Any inquiry, you can email me at or PM me on FB (Dewi Izzlin)

oke, ini di ambil daripada cik Dewi Izzlin. berminat? boleh pergi blog dia untuk tanya lebih lanjut. atau pm dia. gud luck (^_^)

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